Apercus Finance provides readers with a unique take on living better financially. My goal is simple: to make financially-savvy sense of the world in a way that people can understand and use. I believe that finance is at the core of everything we do and can be used to help us better grasp the world in which we live. Good money management is #smartAF

Why Apercus Finance?

Whether the markets of tomorrow are impacted by financial crisis, worldwide recession, a presidential election, scientific breakthroughs, new technologies, or simply a new trend, understanding finance will help you make better decisions, both about your investments and in your life. Too many people fail to read the fine print, and it hurts their wallets for years to come.

What is Apercus Finance?

At Apercus Finance, you will find well-informed and original pieces written by me, Renee Ann Butler. Some posts will be about stocks and economics while other articles will focus on starting a business or saving money by adjusting your lifestyle (without giving up brunch, let’s not be crazy). My intention is to explain financial concepts to you in a way that is insightful, entertaining, and above all actionable. Finance cannot be brushed aside because it is boring. It matters too much. And besides, brunch tastes better when you can afford it.

So, who is Renee Ann Butler?

My passion is explaining strategy and quantifying it in ways that laypersons can understand, and professionals can enjoy. I like explaining why companies do what they do and how those actions affect consumers and investors.

About Me

I have a Masters degree in Financial Management and more than 15 years working with businesses to help them become better. Several years ago, I took that experience in strategy consulting and began applying it to publicly traded companies. Before long, I was providing my analysis to consulting houses and venture capital firms. My work has since been picked up by a range of media outlets – from big names like Marketwatch and CNBC to niche sites like InsiderMonkey and SeekingAlpha. I also prepare independent analysis for mergers and acquisition, venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds. I get to work with small businesses and startups too. I help them write business plans and create pitch decks to get funding from VC and PE investors. I also write the white papers, website content, blog articles, and social media posts that attract the right visitors and help convert them to customers.


My work is varied, but the subject matter is very consistent. Basically, I write on the subjects of business, economics, finance, management, or marketing. Sometimes I take the role of an advisor or analyst while other times I prepare content. The crux of what I do is to explain how it all works and why it matters for you.